Prost: Renault will have one of the best engines in F1


Alain Prost, Cyril Abiteboul

Multiple Formula 1 World Champion Alain Prost is convinced that Renault will get their act together and will soon have the best engine in the top flight despite the fact that, right now, they are simply way off the pace benchmark.

The Renault powered brigade are hardly setting the world alight, the quartet of drivers toiling in cars what are anything between one and 1..5 seconds off Ferrari and Mercedes, while their reliability has been a huge disappointment, even shocking considering the expectations put out there by the team.

Prost explained in an interview with Marca, “We know we’re very close to the engine limits right now. Sometimes reliability issues are unavoidable. It’s part of the game and we must accept it,

“Renault will have one of the best engines in Formula One. We are not divulging now, but we have the data and we will tackle improvements step-by-step,” he added, but wisely omitting a timeline to this PU Valhalla.

Nevertheless, Prost as a Renault ambassador with considerable influence is providing timely support for Renault team chief Cyril Abiteboul who needs to start delivering at some point before the board starts asking questions if they have not already…

Three of the four Renault powered drivers have scored points, the trio combined to reach 20 points so far this season, compared to Mercedes 0n 130 points after three rounds.

Big Question: Will Renault catch up with Merc and Ferrari any time soon?

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