Inside Line: The destruction of Vandoorne by Alonso


Finally, Stoffel Vandoorne has come clean on his he feels about being ditched by McLaren at the end of last year, the Belgian clearly still aggrieved by the treatment meted out to him when the Woking outfit deemed his surplus to requirements.

According to Marc Priestley, Vandoorne blames the team for his fall from grace but I think not, the man who masterminded his downfall was the guy he shared a garage with – Fernando Alonso – who took him under his wing and then destroyed him like few have demolished their teammates in recent years.

This convenient tale has been dug up from

There once lived a Knight of the Asturias, widely respected and feared in the Annual Wars having won two of them in the years 55 and 56, and along the way he won many battles during a heady spell which brought an end to the dominance of the mighty Red Clan and their legendary Prince of Kerpen-Horrem.

But what followed for the great Asturian were many lean years as his Clan struggled and slid down the pecking order of warrior clans. He also moved to the Red Clan and came close to winning the Annual Wars a few times, but at the time the Lederhosen Clan was in the ascendancy.

In year 67 of the Annual Wars, the Surrey Clan needed a partner for their great leader, they were well prepared as they had groomed the young Knight of West Flanders to step up to the breach. He was great in the minor battles, winning the less significant wars with ease. He was young and talented.

Many were wary because the Knight of Asturia was a moody self-serving chap who crushed his partners whenever he could but, this time, they were surprised when the veteran mounted his stallion to be the first to greet the West Flanders Knight when the youngster’s silhouette broke the horizon.

All appeared to be well in the Clan as the Asturian Knight showed unusual affection to his new partner, sat next to him at meals, regaled him with tales. Of course, the lad was flattered to be so well treated and (apparently) respected by this legendary warrior with such a fearsome reputation.

Unknowingly to him, the familiarity caused the young Knight to drop his guard. When the Annual Wars of 68 began, the Clan sent both their leaders to battle with bad equipment, no match for the Big Clans and on the wrong side of the Other Clans.

As a weathered veteran now accustomed to scrapping for morsels from the table he once feasted on, the Asturian Knight was at his mightiest, battling like every one of his campaigns were his last and then, out of the blue turned on his ‘protege’.

To uphold his own reputation the Asturian Knight spared little when he boasted of how, despite the limited equipment he had at his disposal, he was still able to always perform better than his highly rated partner.

This unexpected and constant barrage of derision destroyed the youngster from West Flanders who once believed he was the chosen one, believed his Asturian teacher and mentor had his best interests at heart only to find out he was simply a pawn in a game.

Thus in the year 69 of the Annual Wars, the Asturian’s real protege, the Knight of Madrid stepped up to lead the Clan along with the young son of the Clan chief ‘s associate. It’s complicated…

At the end of last year the Asturian Knight decided that after more than 20 years of battling in the Annual Wars, he was ready to focus on other Iconic Battles to show his versatility in all warfare scenarios as he hunted the legacy of being the best Warrior Knight of all time – the GOAT as they say these days.

Meanwhile, sadly Knight of West Flanders meekly departed the scene of the Annual Wars and has surfaced to moan about how the Clan “chewed me up and spat me out“, naively forgetting that the real damage was done by the Asturian Knight.

Years later when asked of the West Flanders Knight, the Asturian Knight squinted, thought long and hard, before asking: “Which one was he?”

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